Intelligent Addressable
Loop-powered Base Sounder /
Sounder Beacon /
Mounting Base c/w Buzzer

Maxlogic Intelligent addressable loop-powered base sounder is designed for indoor use, in case of ?ire, user is warned by audible and visible warnings. Sounders are microprocessor controlled and outputs can be programmed to work within cause-effect scenarios. Mounting base c/w buzzer, in case of detector alarm, the internal buzzer of mounting base is activated.

Compatible with EN 54-3

Specially designed for indoor use


85 dB sound output, 8 tones and volume control

It can be used as a stand alone sounder/sounder beacon

Its primary application is to be installed under intelligent analogue addressable smoke and heat detectors to provide both detection and alarm at the same point, reducing wiring and installation costs

Product Code Description
ML-1101 Addressable loop powered base sounder
ML-1102 Addressable loop-powered base sounder beacon
ML-0141 Mounting base c/w buzzer


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