SGC Module

SGC Module is designed to monitor and control other systems (Maxlogic series intelligent addressable systems are excluded).

4 inputs (“System Fault”, “Alert”, “Fault”, “Fire”) and 4 outputs (“Alarm Silence”, “Reset”, “Alarm”, “Evacuation”) for monitoring and controlling via Supervisor

With UART connection cable for short distance access, with TCP/IP via internet for long distance TCP/IP can be connected to Sprvsr+

Through advanced redundancy structure ensure reliable and continuous communication

Sprvsr+ Android software enables monitoring and control of fire alarm system without the user's need to be at the computer

Product Code Description
ML-12011.KU Intelligent addressable system SGC module, RS-232 output
ML-12011.KB  Intelligent addressable system SGC module, RS-485 output
ML-12011.C  Intelligent addressable system SGC module, TCP/IP output
ML-12012.UART Other systems SGC module, UART output
ML-12012.C Other systems SGC module, TCP/IP output
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