How to Integrate Announce Systems in Fire Detection Systems?

by Hakan Çakır
on 10 October 2019

You may have noticed that places where human circulation is high such as subways, airports, hospitals, shopping centers, schools, etc. are uses announcement address systems to inform, warn or guide people.

The primary task of the announcement systems used is; to help ensure safety in the building. In all these locations I have shown as an example, many systems that serve different purposes are used to ensure security. Many systems, including cameras, elevators, ventilation systems, including announcement systems, need to be integrated.

For the places where announcement systems are in use; In case of a possible fire situation, Announcement / Alarm Matrix Panels have been produced which can be integrated into the announcement systems to implement the evacuation plan correctly and to prevent confluence. Through these panels, which are considered to comply with EN 54-16 Standard, it is possible to issue live announcements or announce/alarm with recorded sounds in line with pre-planned fire scenarios.

or example; Maxlogic Announce / Alarm Matrix Panel with 19 ”3U rack structure can announce announcement outputs up to 32 zones. Inside the panel; 1 “announcement power module” as an internal power supply and 1“ announcement output module” which provides audio signal output are included as standard. There are 16 module input sockets on the panel. Depending on the location of the application, the “announcement input module” and/or “programmable alarm/warning output module” can be installed in these sockets. Up to 4 announcement microphones can be connected to each announcement input module.

For integration with announcement systems; pre-programmed audio outputs and signal inputs that can trigger an emergency.

Authorized persons can announce in the desired area of the structure thanks to the programmable alarm/warning output modules that can be included in the cause/effect scenario to be operated in case of fire and can be activated at the time of the event.

Even if early detection and interference are carried out in case of a possible fire case, the integrated operation of the announcement systems with fire systems is very important for the prevention of confluence and the safety of life and property as the evacuation moment can have far more dangerous consequences than the panic fire.

– Announcement / Alarm Matrix Panel