Our company has been established by electrical engineer Mr. Ibrahim Vacit MAVILI in 1987 in İstanbul for production of fire and gas detection systems. Today, we have 2 manufacturing facilities and 7 regional offices in Turkey.

As a result of 36 years of experience, our brands MAXLOGIC and MAVIGARD have not been used only in Turkey also they have been exported to more than 70 countries. Our products are certified by international accredited organizations such as LPCB.

Our products are compatible with European standards. In addition, we give great importance to the satisfaction of our customers with our pre-sales and after-sales services. With the labor of approximately 250 people, which are expert in their fields, Engineers, technicians and production staff, we continue to “Generate Confidence” in ensuring the safety of life and property.

Generating Confidence

We make our production processes on cutting edge technology SMT machine parks.

We are producing our products cards on this cutting edge technology SMT machine parks with 210.000 SMT product placement per hour.

We test all our products according to suitable standards for test procedures in every stage of production without seperating from each other.

With this way, we minimize the faults could be faced on field and we keep generating confidence with zero fault motto.



We export our fire detection and alarm systems in more than 70 countries outside our country.


Placement Capacity

210,000 SMT products are placed per hour in the SMT park in our Gebze factory.


PCB Placement Duration

On the SMT park of our Gebze factory, 1 PCB can be placed in an average of 33 seconds.

Mavili Elektronik A.Ş.

Before sales of our products; Projecting services are given.

With projecting service, it is ensured that the right device is selected in accordance with the physical characteristics of the project .

Projects in accordance with architectural plans can be created thanks to legend symbols, user manuals, connection diagrams, device codes and technical features, and exact measurements of the device in Revit Family files.

After Sales; Commissioning, Fault and Periodical Maintanence services are given.

We have fast and effective after-sales services with our developed authorized service network throughout the country.

For detailed information about our authorized services: www.teksis.org

Our products’ Electronical Hardware Development, Software Development Processes and EMC/ EMI tests are made by our R&D team.

Mechanical and Automational designs are made by our Design Automation team. Without any need for different manufacturer and suppliers, prototypes are taken quickly, time and cost are saved.

Desing validity tests of the product prototypes developed by R&D performed by our laboratuary unit.

Before production; Our Quality unit make control of supplied raw material according to acceptance criterias. After production, the final inspection and control of the products are carried out by our Quality unit.

Our Product Certification unit receives the certificates of the designs that have passed the laboratory tests successfully.

With our expert trainer staff, we take care of the sectoral benefit by organizing sectoral trainings and free webinars with our constantly updated information within the framework of standards and regulations.

For detailed information about Mavili Academy: www.maviliakademi.com

As a result of joint work with our professionals who manage the recruitment process and relevant department managers, we ensure that the suitable candidate for the job position is determined, and that duties and responsibilities are assigned after the recruitment and necessary orientation process is completed.

In addition to determining suitable working conditions by considering occupational health and safety, we support the personal development of all our personnel from A to Z with appropriate trainings for their branches.

Detailed information for recruitment: Kariyer.net