Conventional Fire Extinguishing Control Panel


Conventional series fire extinguishing control panel operates on cross-zone principle, has 4 detection zones and one extinguishing release output which is programmable according to the zone requirements. Conventional extinguishing control panel is microprocessor controlled, offers high performance and can easily be integrated into all extinguishing projects.
◗ Compatible with EN 12094-1, EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 standards
◗ 4 detection zones, 1 extinguishing zone
◗ Extinguishing-related front panel LEDs and LCD screen provide full system information
◗ Display of two warnings from two devices on the detection zones with fire zone LED


Product code Description
ML-3313 Extinguishing status indicator unit, with extinguishing status switch and releasing button
ML-3314 Extinguishing output expansion panel
ML-3610 Ex Manager software for ML-322
ML-2110 Conventional photo-electric smoke detector
ML-2120 Conventional fixed heat detector
ML-2130 Conventional rate of rise heat detector
ML-2140 Conventional multisensor detector
MG-5400 Electronic alarm bell
ML-2410 Conventional sounder
ML-2420 Conventional beacon
ML-2430 Conventional sounder & beacon
ML-2710.MR Extinguishant manual release button
ML-2710.ES Extinguishant emergency stop button
ML-3202 8 way input / output (I/O) module
ML-3203 Network module
ML-0710 Transparent protection cover
MLY-0237 Plastic seal, 1
MLY-0238 Plastic seal, 5-pack
Conventional Fire Extinguishing System Diagram
Monitoring via Addressable System

◗ Event log can be monitored via PC software

◗ Sending event log via RS-232 to PC or printer

◗ There are two extinguishing operating types; automatic and manual or manual only

◗ Detection zones can be tested or disabled, 1. and 2. Level relay output, extinguishing output and extinguishing abort button can be disabled

◗ Inputs and outputs of panel, inputs and outputs of expansion module can be programmed via special PC software. Possibility of assigning gas active, remote alarm, remote reset and many more features to the inputs

◗ Supervized extiguishing output, second level sounders, gas release output

◗ Extinguishing mode can be changed remotely with extinguishing status key input

◗ Fire and fault relays

◗ Dry contact relay output for fire and fault

◗ Dry or energized contact options for outputs

◗ Favorable structure for integration with mechanical systems

◗ Cross-zone operation can be selected to be active/passive via PC software

◗ Up to 1000 events log memory

◗ Adjustable first level delay time to sounders

◗ Adjustable delay time to detection zones

◗ Configurable delay and extinguishing time

◗ Non-latching zone option

◗ Countdown clock until the starting of extinguishing

◗ Fire and fault LEDs for each detection zone

◗ Supervised zone detection inputs, extinguishing hold input, extinguishing abort input, extinguishing activation input, low pressure input.

◗ Real time clock

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