SPRVSR+ Plug-In and Cayuga Integration

The development of technology has facilitated the construction of large and complex structures and has created the need to manage different mechanical and electronic systems such as elevators, security cameras, card passes in these buildings from a single center. Integrated operation of systems serving different purposes such as elevators, security cameras, access control systems, fire detection and alarm systems is possible with framework software. VMS software, which provides a solution to the need for management from a single center, becomes much more preferred as a result of the technological partnerships of expert system manufacturers.

Mavili Elektronik has been developing products and services in the field of fire and gas detection systems since 1987; It offers solutions to this need by producing products that are included in smart building technology and can work integrated.

Being the solution partner of Mavili and Qognify, which develops versatile software in the field of VMS, has made a significant difference in ensuring the safety of life and property against fires that may occur in places where smart building technology is used.

Mavili’s Maxlogic SPRVSR+ Plug-In software is integrated into Qognify’s Cayuga framework software. Thus, detailed map and device information of the location to be monitored and controlled can be accessed through this software.

Maxlogic & Mavigard brand fire detection and alarm devices can be displayed graphically on the floor plan, and in case of fire, all interventions that can be made with the panel can be performed via software without the need to go to the site where the panel is located.

In case of a fire; information about the device from which the fire alarm came is automatically displayed on the screen in the form of a pop-up message. The camera or cameras that matched with the device from which the fire alarm came will automatically open in the camera window. In this way, the fire information is displayed by the incoming room cameras. After the location of the fire information is displayed on the map, the fire alarm panel on the map is clicked to intervene in the system. “Reset, Silence Buzzer, Silence Alarm, Alarm and Evacuation” signals can be sent to the system from the opened window.

With the cooperation of Mavili Elektronik and Qognify; It is now much easier to ensure the fire safety of the places where smart building technology is used.