SPRVSR+ Plug-In and Xprotect Integration

The development of technology has facilitated the construction of large and complex structures and has created the need to manage different mechanical and electronic systems such as elevators, security cameras, card passes in these buildings from a single center. Open platform that offers solutions to this need has become much more preferred as a result of technological partnerships.

Mavili Elektronik has been developing products and services in the field of fire and gas detection systems since 1987; It offers solutions to this need by producing products that are included in smart building technology and can work integrated.

Being a solution partner of Milestone Systems, who has been designing video management systems for more than 20 years, has made an important difference in ensuring the safety of life and property against fires that may occur in the locations where smart building technology is used.

Mavili’s Maxlogic SPRVSR + Plug-In software has been integrated into Milestone’s open platform which is named Xprotect. Thanks to the SPRVSR + Plug-In, detailed map and device information of the location can be monitored and controlled via Xprotect software.

In case of fire; information about the fire is displayed as pop-up message at the bottom right of the screen. The matched camera or cameras are automatically turned on at the bottom when the fire alarm signal comes from matched device. In this way, fire information is displayed through the incoming location cameras. After the location of the fire information is displayed on the map, the system can be intervened remotely, if desired, via the Alarm, Silence Alarm, Silence Buzzer, Reset buttons on the left-hand devices menu, or by accessing the interface of the panel on the map if desired.

As a result of the cooperation between Mavili and Milestone Systems; Ensuring security is now much easier with Xprotect.