SPRVSR+ Plug-In Integration with NX Witness

In complex structures, the number of which is increasing rapidly every day; elevators, security cameras, card passes, fire detection, and alarm systems such as different mechanical and electronic systems are used together. For this situation, which requires centralized management, framework software is developed, and as a result of the technological partnerships with system manufacturers, these software become much more preferable.

Mavili Elektronik, which has been developing products and services in the field of fire and gas detection systems since 1987, provides solutions to this need by producing products that are included in intelligent building technology and can work integrated.

Mavili’s Maxlogic SPRVSR+ Plug-In software is integrated into Network Optix’s Nx Witness VMS framework software. With the help of SPRVSR+ Plug-In, detailed map and device information of the location to be monitored and controlled can be accessed via the client software NX META.

As a result of the cooperation between Mavili and Network Optix; By obtaining effective results at the right time, has become easier to ensure the safety of life and property against fire.