SPRVSR+ Graphical Monitoring and Management Software integration with Vanderbilt

Nowadays, increasing population causes enlarge the structures and increase the number of people live there. Control of in&out is significant need in terms of safety for factories, plazas, hotels and airports where have different site specifications. Access control systems have been developed to allow the entry of those who have permission to enter the buildings, and to prevent and restrict the entrance of those who do not have a permit.Control of entrances and exits with today’s technology; It is provided through these systems, which are called proximity, with cards containing electronic identity information or with biometric data such as fingerprint and retina recognition.

Manufacturing products and services in the field of fire and gas detection since 1987, Mavili Elektronik A.Ş. has developed the Maxlogic SPRVSR+ Graphical Monitoring and Management Software, which will offer the most effective solution to site needs within the scope of “central monitoring and management software”, which is in an increasing need. SPRVSR+ Software, which is Mavili’s cutting-edge innovative product; It has become a roof software for card access systems as well as VMS, BMS, CCTV, Announcement systems manufacturers with which it is integrated.

Maxlogic SPRVSR+ Graphical Monitoring and Management Software works in integration with Vanderbilt, the leader in the field of access control systems, and offers effective solutions suitable for site needs.

Key components of Access Control Systems;

  1. Card Readers
  2. Biometric Readers
  3. Control Panels
  4. Electric Lock Strikers and Magnetic Locks
  5. Turnstiles and Barriers
  6. Monitoring and Control Softwares

SPRVSR+ Software offers the user an easy intervention opportunity for card access systems, as in other systems with which it is integrated. With SPRVSR+, it is possible to select devices specific to card access systems and to position these devices on the map by drag and drop method.

As in all systems, devices in the monitoring and control of card access systems are divided into two as input and output devices due to their duties. The list of devices in the system can be accessed via the “Card Pass” easy indicator in the upper right corner. The devices in the system can also be displayed on the map in the same way. For input devices; For Flooding, Magnetic Contacts, PIR Detectors, Sensors, Output devices; Barriers, Fire Doors, Turnstiles can be given as examples.

When an authorized or unauthorized card is read to the card readers on the doors while the system is active; The interaction can be viewed on the map, and the details of the intervention can be learned from the event records. Commands such as live connection, door opening and closing can be easily given to the devices over the cameras matched on the map. Admin interventions made to the devices can also be viewed in detail through the intervention records.

Mavili Elektronik A.Ş. continues to be the preferred and reliable brand in the field of central monitoring and management software.