by İpek Yavuz Konak
on 16 May 2019

Smoke dampers are the mechanisms which used to change the amount of air passing through the ventilation duct.

Smoke Damper Control Panel is used to renew air in places where human density is high such as shopping centers, airports, hospitals, metro transportation lines etc. The operation of the smoke dampers used in such large spaces must be monitored and controlled. Thanks to smoke damper control panels, smoke emission can be prevented in case of fire, fresh air can be cut and existing smoke can be evacuated. Smoke damper control panels play an important role in the fire alarm scenarios that enable safe evacuation of people in the premises.

Smoke Damper Control Panels should compatible with EN-54-4 and EN-54-18 Standards. Also the fire alarm system project should be designed according to EN 54-14. The necessity of monitoring and control of smoke control systems in case of fire is also stated in the EN-54-14. These articles are in the regulation;

“Article 6.10 Other Equipment or Systems

In addition to the primary purposes of detection and alarm, signals from the system may also be used to trigger, directly or not, the operation of ancillary equipment, such as;

a) fire extinguishing equipment

b) smoke or fire doors

c) smoke venting equipment

d) smoke or fire dampers;

e) ventilation shut-down;

f) lift control

g) security doors.

Operation or malfunction of an item of ancillary equipment should not jeopardise the correct functioning of the fire detection system, or prevent the giving of a signal to other ancillary equipment”

“Article 14.2 Electronic Data Processing Areas

The following items should be given special attention in the design of fire detection systems for rooms containing electronic equipment such as computers or telephone exchange equipment:

a) Arrangements for controlling ventilation and air conditioning;

b) Effects of high ventilation rates and high air speeds;

c) Closing of fire shutters and dampers in response to signals from the fire detection system;

d) Arrangements for close-down of the equipment or its power supply in the event of a fire;

e) Arrangements for close-down of air handling equipment in the event of a fire;

f) Needs for fire detection in concealed spaces such as above false ceilings and below false floors.

Special types of detectors (Such as aspirating systems) may be appropriate, particularly where local cover of computer cabinets, etc., is provided.”

It should not be ignored that the oxygen required for life also feeds the fire and the results cannot be interfered due to the oxygen density. It is very important to monitor and manage the damper with Smoke Damper Control Panels. The status of damper control panels should be easily monitored.

While choosing smoke damper control panel, several criteria should be considered such as conformity with EN standards, ease of use etc.

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