by İpek Yavuz Konak
on 25 October 2018

Nowadays, smart buildings become more popular with the technological progress. The systems used in smart buildings are designed to provide comfort, energy efficiency and security to residents.

IP based security systems are used more often in recent years. Software and hardware features of these systems vary by brands. This prevents systems with different brands to operate in coordination and secure the building effectively. These obstacles lead to requirement of IP based security system integration.

ONVIF is abbreviation of “Open Network Video Interface Forum”. ONVIF organization is founded in 2008. ONVIF’s main goal is to provide communication of IP based security systems via standardized interfaces. In other words, ONVIF is an industrial platform that enables IP based security systems to communicate.

ONVIF provides various advantages for system integrators, consultants, end users and manufacturers. Integrators, consultants and end users can integrate devices from different manufacturers easily. Therefore, they have the freedom to choose any IP based product, which is ONVIF conformant, while designing a security system solution. Also manufacturers pay attention to ONVIF conformance so that their products can be used in numerous projects with different branded systems.

One of the most serious threats in buildings is fire. It is very important to use fire alarm systems in order to provide safety of life and property in buildings. Another important factor is integration of fire alarm systems with other electrical and mechanical systems in the building.

For more information about fire alarm system integration:

Importance of Fire Alarm System Integration

Integration of fire alarm systems and IP based CCTV systems is very important for safety of life and property in buildings. For this reason, we developed integration of IP based CCTV systems with Supervisor graphical monitoring and control software. By the help of this integration, Maxlogic & Mavigard branded fire alarm systems can be integrated to any IP camera system which is ONVIF based.

When there is a fire alarm in the system, footage of the camera which is nearest to fire alarm can be observed from Supervisor software. This feature enables authorized personnel to determine fire alarm and control the size of fire.